As a general contractor, The Leelanau Log Home Company can manage your project from start to finish*. We blend the skill and expertise of our designers, subcontractors and suppliers to insure your project stays on budget and on-time. Our focus is to provide the resources, expertise, and leadership to insure the quality, timeliness, and financial success of your custom built home. We offer:

Project element bidding: We serve clients by providing competitive bids at the completion of the preliminary design phase. We work with our clients and drafting team during this pre-construction phase to identify design and functional enhancements, material selections and cost saving opportunities.

Material Selection Assistance: Building a custom log home is complex and requires the client to make thousands of decisions and selections. We provide our expert guidance through the material selection process. We’ll evaluate the material selections and offer options so there’s a balance between quality and cost. This aspect is crucial to staying on budget while keeping to the overall design vision.

Client Communication: We’re often praised for our ability and frequency of communication with our clients. During the construction phase, we provide progress updates several times during the week with photos through email communication. In addition we’ll post the progress of your project on our Facebook page, so your friends and family can follow along with you.

Subcontractor Selection: We have excellent partnerships with trusted group of subcontractors throughout the communities we serve. These relationships translate to better workmanship and lower costs for our clients.

Flexibility: Many of our clients choose to do some of the work themselves and we’re happy to accommodate them incorporating their efforts into the project schedule. We also work with our clients to identify those areas where they can save big bucks with some well managed sweat equity.

*our construction and general contracting services are limited to select counties in Northern Michigan.  Please contact us to discuss your project location.  We also have a log home builder referral service - contact us to learn more.