The design of your custom log home is an important first step towards realizing your dream.  The Leelanau Log Home Company comprehensive custom design and drafting service offers preliminary through complete construction level floorplans.  During the design process, we work closely with the draftsman to optimize the design and maximize cost-effectiveness. This can minimize change orders and construction delays associated with unseen conflicts and ensure that the project is built on time and within budget. 

The Design

The scope of our design service is to create the architectural concept of your log or timber frame home. This includes the overall size, room layout and appearance of your home. We begin by compiling information about your project and the site where it is to be built. The information gathered will be tailored to your specific set of circumstances.

The following is a list of services you will receive:

CAD Drawings: standard line drawings are produced illustrating light dimensioning. These are distributed to you in ¼”=1’ scale for review on 24”x 36” blueprint size paper. You’ll receive the following:

  • Floor plans for all floors and buildings

  • Building cross-sections and detail

  • Elevations for all four sides of the home

  • Modifications – up to 4 preliminary plan cycles

During the preliminary and final design phase we’ll email you the set of plans electronically with a full set on 23” x 36” paper. This will allow us to review the plans together over the phone or in person to fine-tune your log home or cabin to your specific requirements, appearance and budget.

To learn more about our custom design service, contact us today!