Homeowner:  Tracy

Custom chalet style home design, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, loft, 3 season room, front deck and full walkout basement with garage.

The Perfect Home… for Me

I had purchased some land in Leelanau County a few years back with the intention of building my ‘Forever’ home.   My sister had used Leelanau Log Homes and I met Brad and Jim when her home was being built.  I was impressed with them and I knew I wanted to work with them. 

I had to wait a year or 2 to start building since they were so busy.  They only build one home at a time.  I was put on the ‘waiting’ list.  The build started in the fall of 2018.   Working through the winter was difficult since the home is on a steep hill but they made it through that rough winter without a hitch. 

Being the curious type, I would drive up from Detroit periodically to check on the progress of the home even though Brad would send numerous pictures and keep in touch via text message.

Both Jim and Brad are extremely detail oriented, professional and take pride in their work. The little touches make the home unique.  The effort and care they provided went above and beyond my expectations.  The suggestions they make if you are unsure of things lead you to make the correct choice.   I was having trouble deciding on flooring so Brad actually met me at the flooring store to assist with the choice (which just happened to be the perfect choice).

Both Jim and Brad have excellent communications skills and terrific senses of humor.  I would highly recommend Leelanau Log Homes to anyone looking to build/remodel/add on to a home. 


Homeowner:  Doug & Gayle

Custom chalet style log home design, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, loft, covered front porch, full basement, attached two car garage

"Dear Brad & Jim,

"We would like to express our appreciation for the effort and care you took to build our dream house!  This has been quite a trip!  We are fortunate that you took on our project and walked with us in this journey.  Your solid work ethic is obvious with the integrity and pride you put into your work.  You are conscientious, meticulous and take painstaking attention to detail.  We were able to see first hand your dedication, craftsmanship, and ingenious problem solving.  The result – a dream – come – true home with a massive “WOW” factor. 

You went above and beyond our expectations. 

We’ve learned a lot! You walked us through each task, fixed our goofs, and didn’t let us do stupid things.  We look forward to staying in touch & in being your neighbor."

With sincere gratitude,

Doug & Gayle

Homeowner:  John & Julie

Custom log home design with saddle-notch D-log corners, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, covered front porch, screen back porch and walkout garage

"We have had 4 homes built for us over the past 30 years.  The construction of our log home over the past year by Brad Karikomi and Jim Coyle of Leelanau Log Home Company LLC has been our best building experience.

From the design to the completion phases, they were honest, friendly, and professional.  During the construction, they kept us frequently updated with E-mails, text messages, and photos.  They always promptly answered any questions or concerns.

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of our log home construction and finish carpentry.  Brad and Jim have exceeded our expectations and stayed on budget.

We give Brad Karikomi and Jim Coyle, owners of Leelanau Log Home Company LLC, our strongest recommendation!"

Homeowner:  Kris & Betsy

Custom log home chalet style with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, loft, finished walkout basement

"Brad and Jim made our log home a reality in Northport, Michigan.  We owe them so much for getting us back home again.  They were fun to work with and they have a wonderful sense of humor.  Best of all, they took care of us every step of the way through the building process.  We always felt a great sense of trust with them and we always felt they looked out for our best interest through out the entire project.  Thanks Brad and Jim for making our dreams a reality.  We love you guys!"

Homeowner: Len & Joyce

Remodeled log sided chalet style home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, loft, covered porch and walkout basement

"We are finally home! Our dreams have taken shape and we are overjoyed with the results. All the thanks goes to Jim Coyle and Brad Karikomi of the Leelanau Log Home Company. These two professional custom home builders have provided us with a quality log sided, uniquely beautiful home. Many challenging issues were present as we started the remodel of a neglected 90’s chalet style lake house that we recently purchased. Our knowledgeable, experienced builders exhibited excellent problem solving abilities in all areas. We have received many compliments on the attention to detail and unique features that were added to the inside and outside of our home. We also appreciated the integrity, honesty and work ethic that Brad and Jim displayed throughout our entire project. The framers, electricians, plumbers and heating/cooling sub-contractor’s brought in for the job also were dedicated expert craftsmen.

If you’ve ever longed for a full log custom home, a log sided remodel, or anything in between, we highly recommend these two fun, hardworking and great professional guys. Brad and Jim will prove your decision was right, when you choose Leelanau Log Homes to MAKE your dream come true."

Homeowner: Kari 

Custom home with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, exercise room, family room in a full walkout, wrap around porch, attached 2-car garage

"In the past 25 years, I have worked with numerous contractors on several building and remodeling projects, and have never encountered any as competent and professional as Brad and Jim from Leelanau Log Homes – in both their meticulous attention to quality and detail, and their extremely organized record-keeping. My project presented some very unique and difficult challenges that none of us fully anticipated, but despite very frustrating circumstances, Brad and Jim were always looking out for my best interests. I have absolute confidence in what they have built for me, and know without a doubt that they’ll stand behind their work. When I first met them, I noticed that Brad and Jim maintain excellent relationships with their past clients; now that I’ve worked with them closely for the past year, I understand why."

Homeowner: Scott & Sheila

Custom gambrel style log home, 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, loft, full walkout basement, screen porch and wrap around porch

"We were introduced to Brad and Jim by our Log Home dealer, who had seen them at several log home shows and was impressed with how they interacted with the people who visited their booth. After meeting them and visiting their model log home and another log home they built, we knew they were the right building contractor for us. We have never regretted that decision. Building your first home is always a challenge, and building a log home adds a whole new set of challenges. Brad and Jim helped us through all the construction decision-making process, kept us fully informed on progress, both with e-mails and a huge portfolio of photos, and made us feel welcome every time we were able to come visit the site during construction. Brad and Jim's attention to detail, pride in workmanship and passion for quality work made them perfect for this job. They are creative when faced with challenges, timely with their notification of due dates for our decisions and open to our thoughts and suggestions, while offering useful and effective suggestions to address any issues or challenges that arise. They really shine when it comes to finish work, tile work, and adding their own flavor to the look of the home, while completely fulfilling our vision, and then some. They also have a terrific team of subcontractors with whom they work and who share their passion for quality workmanship. You cannot truly appreciate the total beauty and value of a log home until you have watched and taken part in its construction and worked and spent time with the builders, who are so passionate about the project. We will forever thank Bill for introducing us to Brad and Jim, and will always appreciate the effort they made to bring forth our lifelong dream. We would recommend them to anyone interested in building in this area."

Homeowner: Mark & Mary

Custom log home, walkout ranch style, 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, screen porch, attached garage, detach garage/workshop and greenhouse.

The Story of Our New Home

"We first came across Leelanau Log Homes on the Internet in late 2010. We lived in California then and had just purchased 50 acres near Kingsley, Michigan, where we planned to build our retirement home. We had never been involved in the design or construction of a new house before. We knew we wanted a log house of some sort, but beyond that — and not to put too fine a point on it — we had no idea what we were doing.

They call themselves Leelanau Log Homes LLC, but it’s actually just Brad and Jim. Apart from foundation work, electrical, heating and plumbing, they do everything. And they only build one house at a time. We met them in December 2010 at the house they were building then. We went from there to tour another house they had recently built for a couple on Lake Leelanau. Both the design and workmanship were beautiful and interesting. And we couldn’t help noticing that Brad had been met at the door with a giant bear hug when we first arrived. This seemed encouraging.

We decided that we wanted Leelanau Log Homes to build our new house. Brad and Jim were a great resource in developing our house design, and had both standard plans and layouts as well as many ideas of their own. With the design in focus, we worked out the pricing and basic contract terms. Construction work started in the summer of 2011 and finished in September of 2012. The schedule slipped a few months due to all the expected unexpected things in homebuilding. Plus, we asked Brad and Jim to also build a separate pole barn/workshop/garage for us. And also a stand-alone greenhouse. And would you guys mind helping us build the 2-acre deer fence for the garden area? Anyway, everything turned out perfectly, and we’ve been living here happily ever after for a month now.

We could say many positive things about Leelanau Log Homes, but just to emphasize a few:

  • Superb Craftsmanship. Brad and Jim do all of the carpentry work, including all of the interior build-out, as well as all the tile work. It is simply gorgeous, with a lot of creative detail they add themselves. Watching them work, and seeing the results, you learn that quality workmanship is a very big deal with these two—a special point of pride, and for good reason.

  • Great Design Ideas. The design of our house didn’t end with the initial blueprints. Partly because of unforeseen developments, and partly because we kept changing our minds about almost everything, we continued to modify the house design. Brad and Jim dealt with all of this cheerfully and constructively, and usually had their own ideas to suggest (almost always improvements on ours), all of which made for a very successful collaboration.

  • Awesome Contract Administration. Negotiating the original contract was easy, and Brad and Jim worked with us to bring the price within our budget. We had a number of change orders covering the modifications we made, and these were priced very reasonably. We also should mention that Brad maintained a hugely helpful cost-tracking spreadsheet throughout the project, which was always kept current and was detailed down to the last box of screws.

  • Winning Personalities. We mostly add this last point just to embarrass them, but you should know that, on top of everything else, Brad and Jim are really sweet guys and just great people. Fun to work with, supportive, conscientious. We enjoyed the entire experience.

Photos of our new custom home are posted on the Leelanau Log Homes Facebook page, but they hardly do it justice. You really need to see one of their houses yourself to appreciate how special they are."

Homeowner: Jamie and Sally

Custom log home. Cape style log home with 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths with covered side, front deck with attached garage.

“Horror Stories – that’s all we had ever heard about custom builders. We don’t have any of these stories… Leelanau Log Homes just finished our first custom log home. Working with Brad and Jim was a pleasure. They worked side by side with us each step of the way. Helped us with design choices and understanding the process itself.

We had a dream to build a log home on a lake in Northern Michigan. There were two builders that we talked to and there was no question about our choice once we met with both of them. Jim and Brad seemed like old friends as soon as we started talking about the house. They asked us questions about what we wanted, what we needed, and what we liked. They made recommendations during the process to give us what we dreamt of, and they did it within our budget.

Our biggest fear was the long-distance builder/customer relationship. We didn’t want to travel to the build site every week. With the pictures and updates we received throughout the process, we felt we were there at every step. There were over 350 pictures sent that described the progress. It was fun waiting for the pictures every week to see what had been done.

There were so many touches added in the details. Things we didn’t expect but were pleasant surprises. Brad and Jim gave us exactly what we wanted and more. Even the contractors that we met during the process were top notch.

Would I recommend Brad and Jim? In a heartbeat. If I ever want to build a house again, I will make sure Brad and Jim are involved.”

Homeowner: Mark & Karen

Custom log home with milled D-log profile. Cape style log home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with covered porch and detached log sided garage.

“My wife and I purchased a log home package and just finished the project within the last two weeks. To say we are pleased with your product would be an understatement. The quality and care you put into your work, is seen in the final product. The dealer and builder we used for our project was The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC, Brad Karikomi and Jim Coyle. We were overwhelmed by their meticulous care about our wants and needs throughout the project. They did an outstanding job on our home from start to finish. I would highly recommend them."

Homeowner: Craig & Linda

Custom Log Home with milled Round log profile. Cape style log home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Second level master suite with loft and detached log sided garage.

"My wife Linda and I recently had our log cabin built by Brad and Jim with the Leelanau Log Home Company. We had been wanting to build our dream cabin on the lake in Northern Michigan for quite some time. Of course not knowing anyone in the area made it a little difficult to find a trustworthy home builder especially one that specializes in log homes.

We found a couple of builders via searches on the internet as well as a log home expo in SE Michigan. I also visited one builder in Kalkaska but they were not willing to oversee the entire project. I then contacted Brad on the phone and our first positive experience with the Leelanau Log Home Company was Brad's proposal to drive to my home in Clarkston, Michigan (more than 230 miles) for a discussion on what we were thinking about building as well as walking us through the ordering and building process.

Today I can say that I am more than satisfied with all aspects of the building process and the home turned out better than I could have imagined. The quality of work is outstanding and the attention to detail on the finish work on both the interior and exterior of the home really sets the home apart from other Log homes. I think that Brad and Jim are even more meticulous than I am and that is saying alot. Cost management for this project was very important to us and Brad provided detailed cost trackers on a regular basis that helped us manage our budget (which we ended up coming under).

This is the third home my wife and I have built and I can say that it was by far the most pleasant experience of the 3 builders we have had. We have also received many positive comments about our log home from many of our new neighbors as well. I have and will continue to recommended Brad and Jim to friends and colleagues that are interested in new home construction."

Homeowner: John

Design and built 2,200 square foot addition onto a 1,000 square foot house. Upstairs is 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and living room. Downstairs was built as a professional recording studio with the assistance of a sound engineer.

“I contacted Jim Coyle in 1996 about a building project based on a recommendation by a friend of mine. I was looking for someone that could provide 'flexible' general contacting services and project construction on a sizable addition to my house. The addition is 24 by 48 and two floors, adding approximately 2200 square feet, which included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a studio and a deck. I had completed the layout for the addition with the use of a computer floor plan program and had some very specific ideas about what I needed. I also was looking for an arrangement that would allow me to do, or sub-contract some of the work. I was pleased to find that I could establish this type of arrangement with Jim Coyle.

Jim was very helpful in taking my plans, needs and ideas and shaping them into a comfortable and usable living space that extended the original house into what has become a new residence. When someone works for you as a contractor on a large project (this was a large project for me) you are in contact with that person on a regular basis over an extended period of time. There were many more details that required decision making than I had expected and I depended on Jim's experience and input to make those decisions. Over time it was more like working with a friend or good neighbor than a hired contractor.

Jim pays close attention to details in the way he sets up for the various stages of the project and in his execution of the work itself. When there was a problem with work completed by a subcontractor, Jim took care of it immediately.

I can only speak from my own experience when commenting on the work of Jim Coyle. The bottom line is if I was considering a new building project I would contact Jim immediately to discuss it with him and to determine whether he would be available.”

Homeowner: Larry and Janice

Design and built 16’ X 20’ addition with attached 14’ X 16’ deck and single car garage below.

“We had Jim put a four-season room onto our home in late fall of 2004. Jim is a person of excellence, integrity, and diligence. He considers every detail, for example. My husband and I had picked out some siding, but we hadn’t considered the color of our roofing tile, Jim did. He got some of our extra tiles and laid them out on the driveway so we could see if it looked good together. It didn’t, so we choose some more siding samples and compared them. We found something that looked so much better. I appreciated Jim going the extra mile and caring how the end product looks.

He even washed the windows in our room and bought us a welcome mat for the entry way.
I would hire Jim again in a heartbeat. He’s not only an excellent builder, but a good kind, honest and thoughtful man besides.”

Homeowner: Rich and Judy

Design and built custom 16’ X 20’ addition with 16’ X 30’ wrap around deck. Designed and built a custom built-in fireplace with entertainment center.

“My wife and I had been thinking about adding a four season room to our home for many months. We had been to home shows, had contractors out to the house, and even had a good friend discuss and bid the job. It wasn’t until we were introduced to Jim Coyle, a contractor recommended by a co-worker of my wife’s, that we felt comfortable enough to make the decision to go forward.

From our first meeting through the completion of the job, Jim was always professional, courteous, honest, and dependable. He is meticulous in his planning and workmanship and take great pride in his craft. My wife and I are extremely proud to endorse Jim Coyle and highly recommend him for any building project.”

Homeowner: Paula & Scott

Custom log home. Chalet style home with detached 2-car garage with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

“While we have owned many homes this is the first time we have built. Brad and Jim made it a wonderful experience. The quality of their work and the ease of doing business with them made it a delight. While there was an infinite amount of decisions to be made their confidence to walk us through the process made it stress free. While we have no plans to rebuild another dream home we would call these guys in a heartbeat if we did. I highly recommend Leelanau Log Homes.”

If you would like to speak directly with any of these clients listed, please contact us.