Log Home Series: Selecting the right log home builder for you

In this series, Selecting the right log home builder for you, we’ll cover tips and suggestions for navigating through this important process. Time spent doing a thorough job here will pay big dividends and take you steps closer to realizing your dream of living in your custom log home.

Okay, now you’ve made the decision to build your log or timber frame home, congrats! But, as with any major purchase you’ll want to do some research and due diligence to insure the builder you’ve selected is right for your project. This decision needs to be made with the same care and consideration as your choice for log home supplier and financial institution. Here are some things to consider:

What’s your game plan?

Determine what part you’ll play in the overall construction game plan?

  • Do you want a professional log home builder and/or general contractor to complete a turn-key project? Do you know the difference between the two?

  • Are you planning to act as the general contractor and manage the entire construction project? Check with your lending institution before you decide on this endeavor. Some lenders will not approve owner- general contractors.

  • Are you planning to do some of the work yourself, if so what elements of the project? Will the builder of choice be flexible and work with you to make this happen? Maybe the bigger question…have you budgeted the necessary time to complete the work so you won’t slow down the project?

Whatever role your plan to play in the construction process, we recommend you discuss this topic early in your conversations with prospective log home builders.

Where do I find a log home builder?

Your log home dealer, in many cases, works with local independent log home builders and can refer you. Or the log home dealer is also a builder and general contractor (like us) and they can sell you the package and present you with a proposal to build it. Some log home manufacturers also provide construction services, so ask your log home dealer if that’s an option.

Other sources can be the local Home Builders Association, local lumber yards or check the Yellow pages, but keep in mind that can be very limiting.

If you’re not having much luck with the above, go to the internet. Since most shopping and research is now performed on the internet, Google searching for local log home builders in many cases be your best bet. Today, it’s probably how you found your log home supplier. There you may find individual builders and companies, directories and even checkout some of the log home magazine websites. Take your time and conduct several searches by typing in “log home builders, your city, your state” and experiment with different combinations and evaluate the results.

As you explored the different sources, make sure you make notes and begin to list possible log home builders.

Series: Selecting the right log home builder for you, future topics:

  • Should your builder of choice be local to your project, does geography really matter?

  • Don't over shop

  • How to research and evaluate your findings

  • How to interview log home builders

  • The difference between a builder and general contractor

  • Why visiting client references is critical

  • Get it in writing (proposals and contracts)

By The Leelanau Log Home Company: www.leelanauloghomes.com