Log Home Construction Basics: Should your builder of choice be local to your project…does geography really matter?

Well that answer is a matter of opinion, but we think it does.  Yes, there are excellent log home builders and general contractors that do travel long distances.  However, we've outlined some distinct benefits to consider by choosing a local log home builder or general contractor (GC). 
  1. A local builder/GC is typically on the job-site daily and can answer questions, has the knowledge of the project to make changes, etc.
  2. A local builder/GC will have the knowledge of quality subcontractors in the area, such as plumbers, electricians, foundation companies, etc.
  3. A local builder/GC will have the knowledge of local sources for products and materials for your project.  Potentially savings to you $$$ with lower transportation costs.
  4. A local builder/GC is already home.  Therefore they aren’t charging you for travel, lodging and meal expenses whether it’s a line item in there proposal or included in their labor fees.
  5. A local builder/GC will have knowledge of building code requirements for that specific state and/or county of your project.
  6. An established local builder/GC will have local projects that you can visit, speak with the owners about their experience and see for yourself the quality level of craftsmanship.
  7. Reputation matters, today more than ever.  An established local builder/GC understands that his livelihood depends on the outcome of any project big or small.
  8. An important aspect that many homeowners overlook is the builder/GC warranty.  Typically warranties range from 12-18 months from the date on the occupancy permit with a couple of routine service intervals during that warranty period.  But what if there’s an emergency issue(s) that needs immediate action?
  9. Staying close to the project timetable is critical for you and your lender.  If the builder/GC of choice has more than one project in progress what impact does that play for your project if there are delays from weather, materials shortages, etc.
  10. Supporting your new community by contracting with a local builder is always a good thing.

The bottom line, it’s your home and whom you choose is ultimately up to you.  We hope you find these considerations helpful.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC:  www.leelanauloghomes.com