Log Home Site Planning Basics: General

Determining the placement of your new log home on your property is not a casual exercise.  It can be as simple as fitting a rectangle house on a square lot to as complex as finding the best location on 100 acres.  The key in any scenario is to carefully evaluate all the factors that go into developing your site plan so your new home functions well within its surroundings .  Here are some of the key elements you should consider for your site plan:
  •          View and view angles
  •          Summer and winter solar angles
  •       If you already have a design, window locations
  •          Driveway approach
  •       Relation to other buildings, i.e. detach garages, pole barns, etc.
  •          Seasonal wind direction from the North and West
  •          Privacy from roads and neighbors
  •          Zoning setbacks
  •          Utility access and connection paths
  •       Potential drainfield constraints
  •          Determine which trees you’ll keep for aesthetics and/or for shade
  •          Soil conditions
  •          Natural terrain
  •          Drainage

Typically your log home dealer and/or builder offer this service and will work with you to evaluate all the elements that are specific to your project and assist you in developing your site plan.

Keep in mind that site planning can take an enormous amount of time, forethought and vision.  But the time invested to get it right will be realized every time you pull into the driveway. 

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC