Log Home FAQ: Exterior Maintenance

How much Exterior Maintenance Is Required For A Log Home?

The amount of exterior maintenance will vary depending on the location and position of your home on the site. Typically you may have to reapply a stain coat every 3-7 years, but there are many variables at play such as UV exposure, quality of finish, quality of preparation and application, log moisture content, caulk job, etc. 

Areas of your home that receive longer periods of sunlight (UV exposure) will require re-coating more frequently. Typically a darker the stain color will last longer due to the dark pigment that protects against UV.  Plus t

here are new products on the market today that can extend the life of your stain. 

Your log home dealer and builder can recommend stain and caulk products, review how to  conduct routine maintenance inspections, suggest tips how to extend the life of your exterior stain and review with you the importance of caulk.

The bottomline...maintaining your exterior finish on your log home is an ongoing process and protecting your investment by learning tips from the pro's is a wise decision.

Click on the link below and read this excellent white paper from the Log Home Council website:

Download a PDF about the maintenance of log structures.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC