Waterfront Foundations

Waterfront lots are prized for their value, recreational access and setting.  Because the foundation of any home is critically important, a home near water requires special consideration from you as the homeowner, your builder, local building department and the foundation contractor.

As the homeowner or builder, you should visit your local building department and gather any information about the sub-surface soils you are about to build on.  Your local building inspector, in most cases will have information about the soils and earth layer make-up of your water front lot.  Keep in mind this will be an educated guess based on historical data from other completed home sites. 

You may want to choose a foundation contractor who has experience on your particular lake or river.  They’ll also have the knowledge of soil conditions, remedies for high water tables and be able to offer additional solutions to keep your foundation performing for generations.  As the homeowner, you may want to contact your new neighbors and ask them about the performance of their basement/crawl space.  Do they have water problems, poor indoor air quality, foundation stability issues, etc.  Review their foundation depths and compared their responses.  Does your builder of choice have experience building on water front sites?  If not, do you really want to be his first?

The important thing to remember is to set your foundation floor at an elevation above any normal and high water tables in order to maintain a dry and healthy home environment.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC