Planning for retirement

Many of us who are considering purchasing or building a log home in the coming years typically do so with one thought in mind, “retiring to my dream log home”.  So it’s a good idea to start planning with the issues that come with getting older.  

For many of us aging is something we try to ignore, but aging issues should be addressed when planning for your future needs.  If you plan to grow old in this new home then careful and well thought out planning will make your life much easier in your senior years.  Here are some simple tips to follow:

Building design:  Give serious consideration to building a single level home, eliminate stairs and make hallways at least four feet wide for wheelchair accessibility.  If a two-story home is required now, design the master bedroom on the first floor.  If you can design your home with limited hallways all the better.  Choose wider doors that are wheelchair accessible.  Eliminate or reduce floor level changes and if you do plan any make sure a change in floor covering in this area to assist when failing eyesight becomes an issue.

Lighting: Provide more light than you think you need right now.  Place windows strategically to maximize natural light.  Have hardwired nightlights installed and make sure there are sufficient lighting at all exterior entries.

Emergencies:  Consider installing a back-up generator for power outages.  Plan for a security system.  Does your area that you plan to build have adequate emergency services…fire, ambulance, police.  What is the proximity to the local hospital?

Maintenance:  Single story homes are easier and less costly to maintain than two story homes.  Make sure your home has maintenance free exterior clad windows.  Consider composite decking materials that reduce maintenance.  

ADA Compliance:  Plan the whole home with ADA features in mind.  Seek advice in this area.

Accessibility:  Keep the structure closer to the ground (check local building codes), limit the number of stairs and either build or make a provision in the design for future approach ramps that are wheelchair accessible.

A log home is one of the most peaceful and attractive types of housing on the market today.  The Leelanau Log Home Company can work with you to ensure your log home will be easier to care for and enjoy in your later years.  Contact us to learn more.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC 

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