Tips for shopping at a log home show

Log home shows are a great way to shop for a log home package and meet your potential local dealer in person.  Typically almost everything you’ll need is under one roof.  But not all shopping experiences are created equal.  If you do some homework before you attend you can save valuable time and money and lets face it comparison shopping can be frustrating.  I’ve outlined a few suggested tips that can help make your visit to a log home show a fun an informative experience. 

  1. Do some homework:  Find out what log home companies are participating in the show.  If the show is advertised as a “log home and/or timber frame show” it’s a good bet all the major players in the industry will be there. 
  2. Beginning shoppers:  If you are just getting started please do yourself a big favor and do some preliminary research of products and services before you attend.  This can be done using the internet.  Be an educated consumer so your purchase decision is based on facts plus your needs and budget.  From your research develop a list of comparisons based on the things that are important to you.  Some examples might be availability of wood species, log profile, log size, warranty, dealer network, member of the Log Home Council (, dealer representative services, package content and costs, etc.
  3. Educated shoppers:  Make a game plan.  Outline which company’s you want to speak with, have your questions ready and go for it.
  4. Talk to a dealer representative:  Each booth will have local or regional dealers that represent the company so it’s a good chance to meet the individual who maybe selling you the log home package.  Keep in mind, you’re not only comparing log home company’s your also evaluating the local dealer representative.  It’s important that you have a good rapport.  Don’t be shy… ask tough questions (don’t forget to bring your notes).
  5. Call ahead:  Call the local dealer representatives and speak with them before you attend.  Tell them you’ll be at the show and would like to meet them to discuss your log home project.  It’s a good way to jump start the relationship.
  6. Notes:  Bring your notes, written questions and pen and paper.  If you don’t take notes all the information will begin to run together.
  7. Attend the free seminars:  Some of the log home company’s will conduct free seminars.  Attend them.  There’s plenty of good information and often a Q&A session.  Remember to take notes.
  8. Bring your floorplan:  If you already have a floorplan, bring it with you, along with some copies and ask for a log home package quote.
  9. Make a game plan:  Most shows are two to three days.  Consider attending more than one day so you can spend quality time getting to know your local dealer, ask detailed questions and learn more about their products and services.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the experience!
By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC