Ten Questions to Ask a Log Home Dealer

When you're done researching log home companies and their dealers and ready to call your short list, here's ten questions you can ask during that initial phone call.

1.  Please describe the services your dealership offers (i.e. site planning, custom design assistance, log home construction, etc.).
2.  Do you have a model log home and client log homes in the area that we can tour?
3.  Please explain the log home product(s) you offer:  log profiles and sizes, corner styles, wood species, log wall settling specifications, method of drying the logs, pre-cut log package?, etc.
4.  Please explain and provide me with your log home standard materials package description of whats included.
5.  Please provide me with your standard log home designs and the package prices.
6.  Please explain the custom design services that the log home manufacture offers, is this service included in the price and what part do you play in the design process.
7.  What is the typical time-frame from start of the design through log home package delivery. 
8.  Is the log home package delivery included in the price or is there an additional transportation charge.
9.  Do you offer construction services or can you recommend an experienced log home builder in my area?
10.  Please explain the log home package purchase process.

Take Away:  Yes there are more key questions you'll need to ask, but these ten starter questions will help you evaluate your short list during that initial phone call so you can determine your next move.  Have your questions in writing for each dealer Q&A and take notes on their responses.  The dealers that make the cut, meet with them at their model home to learn more and be prepared to ask your next round of questions.  Good luck.

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