Custom Built Log Home - What does it really mean

Recently I was taking a nice couple on a tour through several of our client log homes and a question popped up about the commonly used phrase in the construction industry, "custom-built and semi-custom built log home" and what it really means.

So let's explore the levels of custom.

Spec (speculative) Log Home:  The log home is built to be turn-key ready, however depending on the stage of construction you find the home you may be able to make some personal choices such flooring, counter tops, paint/stain colors, etc. Typically there can be some cost savings because the builder has built the design before and understands the complexities of the construction and costs are known. In most cases the log home will offer an attractive universal design that will appeal to a wide spectrum of potential buyers and most important the builder will have wisely chosen features that are the best value (bang for the buck).  In today's housing market, spec log homes are a very rare find.

Semi-Custom Built Log Home:  This is most common type of log home constructed.  The homeowner chooses a design from a catalog of standard floorplans from the log home manufacturer and works with the dealer and/or builder to make modifications to meet the specific requirements of the homeowner.  These changes can range from adding an attached garage, deck or sunroom, moving interior walls, changing the footprint or roof lines, etc.  Often this is the most cost effective path when working with the builder to determine design, features, amenities and the level of quality materials used in the log home.

Custom Built Log Home:  The custom built home is designed and constructed entirely to the homeowners vision and specifications and is unique, no two log homes are alike.  The homeowner works with the log home dealer and manufacturer to create a clean-sheet design and determines everything that goes into the log home.  From room sizes, shape and style, features, amenities and material quality that are included in the final design.  This type of log home is often the most expensive especially if it's a complicated design and has high end materials and features.

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