What's the best time of year to start building my log home?

The best time to start construction in Northern Michigan is during the summer/fall months.  Our winters are very cold and timing the project start can pay off with some advantages.  Lets explore some of the reasons why.

-For most builders and sub-contractors, it's easier and more productive to work in the summer versus the winter months. Productivity is really compromised during the winter when workers must wear bulky clothing, thus move more slowly and become less efficient.  Some will contend winter construction can impact the overall quality outcome, but that's subject to debate. The bottom-line, the work is more enjoyable and productive when your not battling your environment.

-Typically there are many more work delays in the winter due to frigid temps (Polar Vortex!) and dangerous wind chill.  Plus the days are longer during the summer months so more work can be accomplished.

-It may cost you more to start the build in the winter months.  There are extra precautions when installing footings and foundation in the winter which will require ground heaters, warming blankets or heated enclosures and the associate labor costs.  

-Getting the log home package unloaded and delivered to the construction site can be challenging with snow on the ground.  Also moving and staging the log home package and other materials on the site is much easier during the summer months.

-You'll have additional expense to keep the site and driveway plowed and temporary heat and lighting so work can continue during the dark days of winter.

-There may be additional labor costs for items that are built during the winter months, such as roofing, building the weather tight shell, etc.  Ask your builder if there is a winter differential charge for labor.

The Take Away:  

If building in a cold weather climate such as ours, work out  a preliminary timetable with your log home dealer and builder very early in the process so you can avoid a winter start. If the majority of the construction is headed for the winter, get your foundation installed during the fall before the snow flies and frost begins to penetrate the ground.  The bottom-line, warm weather starts are the best time of year to start building your log home in Northern Michigan.

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