Purchasing a Log Home Package: Things to consider


Purchasing a log home package is an exciting step towards realizing your log home dreams. Each log home manufacturer will have their own specific purchase process, but there are some universal basics that should apply.  Here are a few tips to consider.

1.  Understand what is included and not included in the log home package.  Your log home manufacturer should provide you with a detailed materials list.  If there is any ambiguity, get them clarified in writing so there is no confusion or additional costs later.

2.  Understand the sales agreement, especially the terms and conditions.  If you have any questions or need clarification, get answers before you sign.

3.  Understand how the log home package payments are to be executed and the timing of those payments.  If you're financing the log home package, make sure your bank approves the payment terms and timing as well.

4. Confirm with your builder that all the necessary materials that are not included in your log home package are included in his estimate to complete the home.  Unless you like additional cost surprises.

5.  Make sure you and your builder are clear on the material delivery schedules set by the builder, dealer and log home manufacturer.  And on the day of delivery there is equipment on-site to unload and folks to do an inventory of the materials.

6.  Speaking of delivery is the log home package delivery expense included or not included in the log home package price.  If it's not included get an estimate from the log home manufacturer before you sign the agreement.

7.  How many sets of final construction drawings will you receive from the log home manufacturer?  Your builder will need 4-6 sets.  Ask if there are additional costs to you if you need more.

8.  Will the log home manufacturer or the builder prepare the energy study required to secure the building permit?  Plus if there are questions from the local building department during the plan review who at the log home manufacturer will you contact to get answers to the questions?  

9.  If there are issues or questions with the delivery, material shortages, construction or design, etc. know who to call.  If your builder is also the authorized dealer that simplifies things.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC



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