Energy Efficiency of Log Homes


My outdoor thermometer read -14 below zero this morning!  As I tossed another log on the fire I thought energy efficiency might be a timely subject for a blog post so please read on.

Its probably no surprise, but one of the most frequently asked questions is how efficient are log homes?  Maybe better stated is how do log homes compare to a conventional constructed home in terms of energy performance.  The simple answer is log homes perform better and many log home owners will confirm that statement.

So if energy efficiency of your new log home is one of your priorities, it's well worth reading the energy performance study performed by the Log Homes Council.  Click here to visit the Log Homes Council website and download The Energy Performance of Log Homes.  While this document is a little technical it does prove the benefits of thermal mass.  Enjoy.

In addition I recently was asked to guest blog for one of our suppliers, Woodhaven Log & Lumber and the topic just happens to be energy efficiency.  It's a general overview and illustrates there are many elements you should consider when designing and building your log home.  To read the post, click on the link:  6 Tips of Making Your Log Home Energy Efficient.

Thanks for stopping by and if the polar vortex is headed in your direction stay safe and warm!

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