Definition: What is a preliminary design?

A preliminary design of your custom log home is exactly what you think it is. It’s the initial version of your ideas placed on paper. Typically you’ll have the floorplan for each level and four elevations of the log home. The preliminary design will have the basics such as:

  • Overall log home and room dimensions

  • Bathroom, laundry room and kitchen configurations

  • Porch and deck dimensions

  • Basement/foundation dimensions with mechanical room location

  • Window and door sizes and locations

  • Staircase locations

  • Key structural member locations

Many log home companies (such as Strongwood Log Homes) will also provide a 3-D rendering during the preliminary design phase so you’ll be able to visualize the inside and outside of your new log home.

The preliminary design phase is where you’ll flush out the details of your home and make the necessary design decisions based on your lifestyle needs and budget requirements. Most folks will go through 3-4 revision cycles before they are satisfied or at least very close to a final design.

Once you have approved your preliminary design, your builder will use this plan to secure estimates for your project.

Tip: Make sure your preliminary design is very, very close to what you want to build. Never leave areas “to be designed” during construction. Not only will your preliminary estimate be incomplete, but change orders during construction are very costly.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC

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