Log Home Design Tip - Window size and placement

Visualizing your dream log home is easy or is it?  When working with a log home dealer to design your log home make sure you considered the size, placement of windows and doors and how that will affect living inside your new home? Here are a few design tips.

  1. How the log home sits on your property and balancing views and the relationship to solar (sun) angles during the summer and winter months. How does that affect the window size and placement? Are you taking advantage of passive solar gain? What are the trade-offs between window size/location and views.

  2. In the great room how will the window and door size and location affect furniture placement and views. Many great room designs have large French patio doors or windows that preclude any furniture placement in front of them. How can you achieve a layout that works with your furniture, provide the views you want and has a wall area for the TV.

  3. In bedrooms how will your bed and other furniture fit inside the room? Consider a wide awning window placed high enough so your headboard can fit underneath giving you natural light and ventilation.

  4. During the early stages of your design, factor in how you will light the areas and what type of fixtures for each room.

  5. For a visual reference, look at your existing home and how each room works. What would you do differently or do you need to go furniture shopping?


By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC


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