Maintaning your log home - Caulking

One of the most overlooked areas of exterior log home maintenance is keeping the exterior logs, windows and doors caulked. Typically when your new log home is stained, the contractor will caulk the “checks”, log corners, around the windows and doors. 

Here’s a checklist for monitoring and maintaining the caulk on your log home.

  1. Do a visual inspection every spring and fall. Take photos or videos of the exterior of your log home for future reference and to track areas of concern.

  2. Create a caulking log to track when and what you caulked for each side of your log home.

  3. Caulk areas with the most weather exposure first. Use a quality brand made specifically for log homes.

  4. Keep log corners caulked! This is a critical area that can be susceptible to log decay if water is able to penetrate and sit inside log corners.

  5. Inspect the logs for checks that face towards the sky or any check that tends to hold water. A great time to inspect your logs is after a good rain. Fill those checks with a quality high performance caulk specifically made for log homes. For large (wide and deep) checks use a backer rod then apply the caulk.

  6. Check log penetrations where pipes, vents, electrical outlets, fixtures, etc. have been drilled through the logs. Look for gaps and caulk closed.

  7. Check between the wood trim and the window and door frame and keep this area caulked.

By The Leelanau Log Home Company LLC

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